Indus Universal School aims at cultivating students certain values and attitudes through constant and precise learning practices. It enables students to obtain good moral and national qualities, enhance their life facilitating so as their identity-building in the areas of family, society, the country and the world

The subject emphasizes the progress of student’s independent thinking and autonomy so that they are ready to recognize the right from wrong, and make knowledgeable decisions in a caring and thoughtful manner.

Development of a positive and optimistic approach

Allowing children to follow in the direction of “knowing oneself, leveraging and engaging them globally” and put the desirable qualities into practice; to be willing to care about one’s family and to serve society; to be willing to act in the matter of the nation and the people of the world, and to develop a positive and meaningful life approach.

Giving back to the Society

Children from Indus are nurtured to get involved in the local community service through means of making the environment clean & green, by adopting lower income school systems / home for the aged / orphanage etc to name a few.

Judging in a caring and thoughtful manner

To improve the talents of independent and critical thinking from multiple perspectives, and the ability to discern the meaning and values embedded in relevant life events in an objective and rational way, and make caring and reasonable judgments.

National Pride

We take pride in making tall talks about our heritage. We are proud of our Leaders who fought for Independence. We feel maximum pride by looking at our Flag flying. We can’t resist it. Our monuments, tall structures and statues and tombs are, in fact, memorabilia.


To improve acceptable habits of making rational and effective decisions with an intense attitude in various domains, and to be committed to living out them.