Mentor: Praise, Influence, Guide and Inspire

At Indus, we do not teach we just facilitate. Hence, we have only Mentors. Indus mentors are only there to encourage and support in learning situations. They are catalysts to enable learners to explore their skills, realize their material and intellectual abilities. They are there to promote character and good social & human values to function as responsible citizens.

Qualified by Education

Every one of our teacher is qualified to provide the child with the right guidance. Their unquenchable desire for learning, dedication to the cause of knowledge, commitment to create a better atmosphere and an everlasting love for children, are just a few of the hidden qualifications an Indus mentor carries.

Role of Parents

At Indus Parents are partners in service of school education. We believe that the school is an extension of home and the process of constructing knowledge is a continuous one, which goes on even outside the school. The Mentor and Parent work together to create an enabling learning environment for the child to succeed in their pursuits.

Parents stay in touch with their child's mentor on a continuous basis. This involves compulsorily visiting various events held at the school throughout the academic year. Reading and responding to notes sent to home by the Mentor.

Parents are invited to be part of the school system and contribute their knowledge where ever required. With active participation of the parent brings in the sense of belongingness and child would sense the school as an extension of home.


It is understood world over that talent is nothing without discipline. Ask anybody if they would prefer a talented person over a disciplined one and the answer is always no. One can achieve success with discipline and moderate talent; but with extreme talent alone and no discipline the same is not possible.

At Indus discipline means expected personal behavior of oneself in a given setting or environment. That translates to behaving oneself according to the setting and situation. Every culture has defined the behavior and we need to assure ourselves to conduct accordingly.

Indus nurtures the value of self-discipline among learners through democratic functioning and participatory management. The whole school system along with the parental intervention works in conjunction to help nurture self-discipline in the child.