Child Centric Approach

Indus Child-Centric approach means giving supremacy to children's experiences, interests and their voices in the overall learning process. The learning tasks created tend to focus on their active and creative abilities their inherent interest in making meaning, in relating to the world in real ways through acting on creating it, in relating to other humans.

Child is centric to the Learning process where all stake holders i.e. the methodology, mentors and parent work in conjunction for the child's success.


Knowledge Assimilation to be Experienced

Research has proven beyond doubt that there is really only one way to learn how to do something and that is to do it. That's when learning happens for life. At Indus factual knowledge is not just presented to the students but made to understand by learning to do.

Learning without Burden

The approach for Learning without Burden has emphasized the fact that Learning has to be focused on developing concepts and the ability to analyze socio-political realities rather than on the mere retention of information without comprehension. The Learning process should be a joyful process.

Freedom of the Mind

Freedom to think and practice is a right of every child at Indus. Granting freedom to think makes a child discover things than getting secondhand information.

All Children are Same

It is a universally accepted fact that all normal children are born same. Based on the environment and nurturing practices they get evolved. We believe in the same and consider all normal children are intelligent. But their intelligences would get nurtured based on the environment.


We believe the child's activity should stem from his own interests. Learning to learn, the willingness to unlearn and relearn are important means of responding to the situation in a flexible and creative manner. At Indus, we have created a nurturing and enabling environment to facilitate to stimulate the child's self-activity.