Indus Universal School


Library, Science & Computer Labs

Learning Corners :

The Learning Corners in the classroom facilitate the kids with a huge selection of creative supplies and education toys.It gives kids the tools to complete activities and mini projects—either in groups of two to three students or individually.Also, to break the monotony of the class-room there are different learning corners like the Amphi-Theatre, Pool Area etc. Computer Labs : The Middle, Secondary and Senior school have required number of machines to cater to their needs of computer education.The computer lab is equipped with projection systems, client-server architecture and internet access.

Library :

There are two libraries i.e. one for children up to Grade V and the other to cater to the needs of children from Grade VI to XII. The library up to Grade V is designed is such a fashion so as to inculcate the habit of reading and the setting is completely informal. The furniture consists of individual casual chairs, divans and on the floor mattresses with bolsters. The library is home to numerous story books, interesting science facts books and encyclopedias relevant to the age group. The library has good collection of books. The main library caters to the needs of Grade VI to Grade XII and has a collection of more than 20,000 books comprising of academic, fiction, non-fiction, encyclopedias, language etc. Magazines, periodicals and newspaper are also available. The library is situated in a 5000 sft area and has well indexed stacks.

Laboratories :

There are various laboratory facilities in the school to facilitate the learning goals. They are: Language Lab : Our language labs have a fun filled, ready to use activities and games that help our kids understand the nuances and complexities of the language. Mathematics Lab : The lab caters to understanding of mathematics through spatial learning. It is a place where pupils learn. Investigate mathematical theories, verify mathematical facts and theorems through a diversity of exercises using various materials. These activities may be carried out by the mentor or student to explore, to learn, to stimulate curiosity and generate favourable attitude towards mathematics. Multi-Purpose Lab : The multi-purpose lab facilitates understanding of subjects up to the Primary and Middle School level. It consists of charts and equipment of disciplines that are introduced at this stage. Learning By Doing Lab : The Learning by doing lab is completely equipped by material and models to facilitate knowledge construction through Constructivism. Physics – Chemistry – Biology Labs : There are individual labs for each discipline i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology respectively as per global standards. The same are used for Lecture Demonstrations and Practicals for the Senior Secondary Students.

Art, Aesthetics Areas

There are separate facilities ear marked for art and aesthetics. They are: Dance Room : A dance room with audio system to aid our children learn Indian Classical, Contemporary, Folk and Fusion dance through the able guidance of the dance gurus. Music Rooms : The same can be categorized into Instrumental and Vocal. The vocal music room caters to Indian classical, light music and folk songs. The Instrumental room is fully equipped with Indian Classical instruments and Western Instruments along with amplifiers and synthesizers. Art & Craft Room : Indus has separate rooms for imparting education in the area of art and craft. The art room is the place where kids are facilitated to give reign to their creation while craft room is a place where they can produce wonderful things using waste material and bits of colored papers.


Inauguration of an Incubator of Ideas-Indus Universal School

In a milestone event, the Indus Universal School, Yapral, has set up its state of the art INCUBATOR - Creativity Unlimited facility on 21 July 2016. Speaking on this momentous occasion, the Chief Guest, Sir I.Prabhakar Reddy, the Chairman of the School, espoused the cause of holistic and purposeful education where creativity and innovation becomes a driving force to serve the society. He stated for the students who think out-of- the-box and apply the principles of science and technology to meet the challenges of society. Incubator will facilate in connecting their dream into reality. Chairman is confident that the students will find innovative solutions to the challenges faced by society and imbibe a sense of entrepreneurship. The efforts at the incubator cell will significantly contribute towards the crusade of ‘Make in India’. The main objective of the project is to give students an opportunity to ignite and sharpen their creative abilities and groom them to become young achievers. The ambience of this unique incubator facility is truly breathtaking and it is first of its kind in the schools. Thoughtfully designed the incubator cell inspires a sense of awe and is destined to become a natural habitat where imaginations will thrive. Sri S.Shankara Chary, the Principal of the School, speaking at the inaugural function, emphasised the need for adopting innovative ideas in the curriculum. He advised the students to explore creative ways to tackle the current-day problems facing our modern society. Students must seek eco-friendly solutions, he stressed. He felt confident that Incubator -Creativity Unlimited will become a hub students’ activities which will achieve its intended goals through active support and guidance of faculty and domain experts. All ideas generated at the incubator will go through phases of research, analysis, strategy, vision, innovation and implementation. He stated that the school has grand plans to provide a fillip to this Incubator by seamlessly integrating academic curricula with holistic development of the student.


Indus school with a fleet of buses provides safe and comfortable transportation to the students. Each bus has an attendant to cater to the security needs of the child.  The buses would run on pre-determined main routes and would not enter by-lanes. Efforts would be made to come as close as possible without compromising on time. The Drivers are experienced and well trained, the buses are fitted with Speed Governors, fire safety equipment and first aid kit as precautionary measures. Indus school management will take all cares and ensure that children travel to and fro to school every day in a comfortable manner. The transport facility is optional and the parent has the choice to drop the child to school by their own means.


The menu for the month is prepared and published before the commencement of that month. Continuous monitoring along with feedback from the students is taken into cognizance and corrective actions are implemented. Food is compulsory for all the students as this would maintain uniformity and help children develop a sense of equality as everybody eats the same. Children in the school come from different backgrounds and this helps not to throw the disparity among them.The cooking team is well versed with the palates of the children and they have vast experience in serving reputed K-12 schools. The whole cooking team is subjected to health check every six months.
Dining Room & Kitchen : The dining room has a capacity to serve food for about 1000 students in one go. The same is equipped with four serving areas, a water filtrations plant along with cool water drinking facilities and segregated hand wash area. The kitchen is equipped with gas cooking ranges with gas supplied through pipes. The gas storage facility is outside the kitchen area to ensure safety. The cooking is done in hygiene conditions and pest control is done on a fortnightly basis. Also, pest repellant equipment is installed in the dining and the kitchen areas. Hygiene & Cleanliness : Indus endeavors creating healthy and hygienic environment for each student. Our goal is to provide an excellent healthy environment for students to learn. This is achieved by the following health care initiatives. - The whole school is cleaned before commencement of session - All toilets are cleaned thrice a day - Health check for Kitchen & Dining staff twice in a year - Monthly pest control for the whole school and fortnightly for dining / kitchen area - Bi-Monthly fumigation of entire school premises - Daily maintenance of swimming pool and annually once management undertaken

Other Infra

Other : We believe a school is a Temple of Learning. The legacy of the school is very much tied to the demographics and geographical location. It is a fact that the quality of school infrastructure has a significant influence on a child's development and achievements. The campus is designed keeping in mind the needs of children, vision of the institute and process of educational philosophy adopted. An Ideal Location : The institution is spread over six acres, located in Yapral Village near Sainikpuri, Secunderabad in the lap of nature, away from the busy city traffic and yet within the city. The environment is pollution free air.

School Buildings : The Pre-Primary, Primary and Middle School blocks class-rooms are octagonal in shape to facilitate natural light and breeze so that the child growth natural environment. Controlled environment was avoided and thermal architecture has been used so that the temperature inside the classroom does not go beyond the permitted degrees of comfort. Indus Universal School is the only school in Hyderabad that has a ramp for to help children to access on the parts of the School. A separate block houses the Secondary and Senior Secondary children.

Classrooms : The rooms are very spacious for class strength of 30 children. Each classroom has a cubby hole with key for every child to keep his books and belongings. Comfortable furniture designed as per age adds to the ambience. Pre-Primary Play Area : A separate play area has been conceptualized for the pre-primary group to harness their natural growth. The whole area is covered to secure the tiny tots from direct sunlight and rain. The play area is completely topped with sand so nobody gets hurt and houses a Merry-Go-Round, Jungle-Gym, Sliding and all necessary out-door play equipment.

Digital Theatre & AV Rooms : A full fledge state-of-art Digital Theatre with a seating capacity of 200 is there to facilitate learning for any particular Grade / Group. The same is used to screen educational content and value based content. AV Rooms to take care of individual class needs are provided with touch screen boards, projectors, desktop and audio system. The same are designed for a seating capacity of 50 nos. This infrastructure is also used to cater to lectures or classes being conducted by eminent faculty from other areas to our students.

Multi-Purpose Hall : The multi-purpose hall can seat about 750 nos and is equipped with AV systems and green rooms. Has a vast stage and normally all performances of a particular group of the school are celebrated here. The same also doubles up as a badminton court as per the national school level standard.

Amphi-Theatre : An open air amphi-theatre that can accommodate about 300 children is available and is equipped with PA system. The same at times is also used as one of the learning corner. Main Stage : There is a permanent main stage to host school functions facing the playground. The same is also used as the pavilion for the cricket ground.

Sport Fields and Areas

Indus has setup excellent international standard sports fields and playing area to ensure the learning goals for Physical Education are realized. They are Cricket Ground : Indus laid down a turf wicket for its students in the cricket ground so as to give the feel of actual cricket. It's the only school in Hyderabad to sport a turf wicket. There are four practice nets of which one is turf, one is cemented and the rest two are matted wickets. Tennis Courts : Four international standard synthetic tennis courts of which two can be doubled up for Basketball. Basketball Courts : Two international standard synthetic basketball courts. Swimming Pool : An half Olympic size swimming pool along with a toddler pool to ensure every child is exposed to swimming. Well maintained filtering plant along with changing rooms separate for boys and girls abutting the pool are provided. Badminton Court : A national level school standard badminton Court is housed in the Multi-Purpose Hall. Indoor Sports Complex : A two floor indoor sports complex facilitates Table Tennis, Carroms, Chess, Yoga / Gymnastics (Floor). There is also a full-fledged gymnasium. Multi-Purpose Mini Ground :The same is used to play mini Football, Handball and Hockey. Games like Volleyball, Throw Ball and Indian sports like Kabaddi / Kho-Kho are also played here. Athletics : The sports fields are also used for athletic track and field events. All sporting facilities including grounds, courts, swimming pool etc all are floodlit.

Safety & Security

All safety measures as per National Building Code are implemented and Fire safety equipment installed as per statutory standards. Ample security and care is taken regarding the safety of the children. Security surveillance equipment that includes IR Cameras are installed at the entrances and in the common areas of the school as per statutory orders. The surveillance is 24X7. Infirmary : There is an infirmary at the school to cater to children who fall sick or get hurt at school during play. The same is manned by a Certified Staff Nurse as per norms. Normally first aid or generic preventive medicines are given and the parent is informed to pick the sick child. In case of emergency the parent is informed and with their consent the child is moved to the near by Corporate Hospital with whom the school has a tie-up. Crèche Facility : There is crèche facility at the school for the Mentors children only.