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Grade XII and X Results 2018-19

Library, Science & Computer Labs

Learning Corners The Learning Corners in the classroom facilitate the kids with a huge selection of creative supplies and education toys. It gives kids the tools to complete activities and mini projects—either in groups of two to three students or individually. Also, to break the monotony of the class-room there are different learning corners like the Amphi-Theatre, Pool Area etc.
Computer Labs The Middle, Secondary and Senior school have required number of machines to cater to their needs of computer education. The computer lab is equipped with projection systems, client-server architecture and internet access.
Library There are two libraries i.e. one for children up to Grade V and the other to cater to the needs of children from Grade VI to XII. The library up to Grade V is designed is such a fashion so as to inculcate the habit of reading and the setting is completely informal. The furniture consists of individual casual chairs, divans and on the floor mattresses with bolsters. The library is home to numerous story books, interesting science facts books and encyclopedias relevant to the age group. The library has good collection of books. The main library caters to the needs of Grade VI to Grade XII and has a collection of more than 20,000 books comprising of academic, fiction, non-fiction, encyclopedias, language etc. Magazines, periodicals and newspaper are also available. The library is situated in a 5000 sft area and has well indexed stacks.
Laboratories There are various laboratory facilities in the school to facilitate the learning goals. They are: Language Lab Our language labs have a fun filled, ready to use activities and games that help our kids understand the nuances and complexities of the language. Mathematics Lab The lab caters to understanding of mathematics through spatial learning. It is a place where pupils learn. Investigate mathematical theories, verify mathematical facts and theorems through a diversity of exercises using various materials. These activities may be carried out by the mentor or student to explore, to learn, to stimulate curiosity and generate favourable attitude towards mathematics. Multi-Purpose Lab The multi-purpose lab facilitates understanding of subjects up to the Primary and Middle School level. It consists of charts and equipment of disciplines that are introduced at this stage. Learning By Doing Lab The Learning by doing lab is completely equipped by material and models to facilitate knowledge construction through Constructivism. Physics – Chemistry – Biology Labs There are individual labs for each discipline i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology respectively as per global standards. The same are used for Lecture Demonstrations and Practicals for the Senior Secondary Students.