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Grade XII and X Results 2018-19

Health & Physical Education

Health is a critical input for the overall development of the child. Indus practices inter-disciplinary method to impart health education to the children. There is an annual health and dental check that is arranged by the school.

Participation of all children in free play, informal and formal gamesand sports activities is essential for their physical and psycho-social development.The range of abilities as a result of Physical Education will improve stamina, fine and gross motor skills and dexterities, self-awareness and control, and coordination.

Children can achieve high levels of excellence in sports, games and athletics. When the emphasis shifts from the enjoyment of achievement, such training can make demands of discipline and practice that can create stress at this stage. Whereas all students must be involved in health and physical education activities, those who choose to excel in games and sports need to be provided adequate opportunities. Physical development supports mental and cognitive development, especially in young children. The capacity to think, reason and make sense of the self with the world, to use language, is intimately connected with acting and interacting - doing one thing by oneself with others.

Physical education is an integral part of the curriculum at Indus and all promising players or achievers are provided coaching and training. Indus has infrastructure to support athletics, swimming, cricket, tennis, basketball, badminton, table-tennis, football, hockey, kho-kho, kabaddi, volleyball, handball and gymnastics.

The child is exposed to all games in the formative years i.e. up to Grade V and then after he is given a choice of one game to pursue. If in case a child excels in a particular game of choice then Indus nurtures this potential and facilitates additional coaching to further the child's game.

There are well qualified Physical Education Mentors and Coaches for each of the games offered.