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Grade XII and X Results 2018-19


The menu for the month is prepared and published before the commencement of that month. Continuous monitoring along with feedback from the students is taken into cognizance and corrective actions are implemented. Food is compulsory for all the students as this would maintain uniformity and help children develop a sense of equality as everybody eats the same. Children in the school come from different backgrounds and this helps not to throw the disparity among them. Only under extraneous circumstance like illness or health issues the same would be relaxed based on a verifiable medical certificate for the duration of the sickness. The cooking team is well versed with the palates of the children and they have vast experience in serving reputed K-12 schools. The whole cooking team is subjected to health check every six months. Dining Room & Kitchen The dining room has a capacity to serve food for about 1000 students in one go. The same is equipped with four serving areas, a water filtrations plant along with cool water drinking facilities and segregated hand wash area. The kitchen is equipped with gas cooking ranges with gas supplied through pipes. The gas storage facility is outside the kitchen area to ensure safety. The cooking is done in hygiene conditions and pest control is done on a fortnightly basis. Also, pest repellant equipment is installed in the dining and the kitchen areas. Hygiene & Cleanliness Indus endeavors creating healthy and hygienic environment for each student. Our goal is to provide an excellent healthy environment for students to learn. This is achieved by the following health care initiatives. - The whole school is cleaned before commencement of session - All toilets are cleaned thrice a day - Health check for Kitchen & Dining staff twice in a year - Monthly pest control for the whole school and fortnightly for dining / kitchen area - Bi-Monthly fumigation of entire school premises - Daily maintenance of swimming pool and annually once management undertaken