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Grade XII and X Results 2018-19

Art & Aesthetics

To build, to adorn and beautify things, to improve and enhance the environment is a fundamental human desire. It is rooted in the passion for self-expression and the desire for harmony. The learning of the child will be incomplete if opportunities are not offered for exploring and communicating his feelings; for analyzing and discovering through involvement with materials, media and methods; and for improving visual sensitivity to nature the environment. At Indus, arts education is a compulsory subject. Students will be introduced to the rich and varied artistic traditions of the country. All the four main streams i.e., Music, Arts (Visual) , Dance / Theater and Craft are part of the curriculum. The medium and forms of art allow children to develop both a playful as well as disciplined exploration of themselves with diverse materials, and allows them to experiment with many forms of expression. The Art and Aesthetics of the Indus enable students to: - Pursue the same as a Career - Think creatively - Demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of the culture / arts through active participation - Occupy leisure time in beneficial pursuits The child is exposed to all art & craft forms up to Grade V. From Grade VI onwards he is given a choice to work further on any one art and one craft form respectively. Indus recruits well qualified and experienced Art and Aesthetics Mentors to help our children.